Origin Story

Since 1898

There wasn’t any emotional and sentimental origin story.

There was only a legacy of a century-old story stamped with each step forward.

Song Yi's association with tea was dated back in 1898 A.D. At the time, our great grandfather started the tea plantation in Nantou County, quietly cultivating tea for several decades. Over time, he enthusiastically accumulated valuable experience, deep sentimental values towards tea as well as extensive network of relationships.
Thereafter, the second generation did not stop at tea cultivation. At the same time, it was also involved in the wholesale business of tea, particularly seeking, collecting and selling tea. During the time, every major tea producer was on the customers' list. It was very fortunate to survive the epic Taiwanese tea crisis by relying on its commitment to the highest quality of tea leaves and the consecutive expansion of the tea business by many family members and relatives. This critical catalyst resulted in the subsequent years of business prosperity. And quietly as usual, it survived another few decades.

In 1983, the baton was passed down to the third generation. It acquired a tea plantation in Alishan and continued to cultivate tea, seek, collect and sell tea. Besides, it also opened a tea boutique specializing in high mountain oolong tea in Taipei. Additionally, it also maintained its traditional trades of the wholesale business of tea and the retailing of refined tea. This tea boutique has occasional rest days. Plenty of old customers said:"If your store is closed, I really have no idea where I can sip and buy tea."


Song Yi's mission is to allow those people with great affection for tea to be able to enjoy premium tea no matter where they are around the world. Finally, in 2016, Song Yi Tea was founded by the fourth generation. Its vision is not only to continually cultivate tea, seek, collect and sell tea, it also undertakes its ambition to expand its business of selling premium Taiwanese tea to every corner of the world.



Regardless of the revolution over many generations and evolutionary transformation,
There are still some beautiful things that have yet to change.

The first Chinese character "Song" is a symbolic icon for a pine tree that is youthful in eternity and great in longevity. Song Yi Tea is a microcosm of a pine tree in which our big family is protected under the foliage of its ever-growing branches and leaves so as to continue to focus on expanding the tea business. Simultaneously, it also has a big dream of passing down Song Yi Tea to the next generation, the next-next generation, … … …

As for the second Chinese character "Yi" represents the unity as one. The mental thoughts as one, specialization as one, and quality as one. The original thinking is not complicated at all. It is to allow each person to have premium tea. We have persevering for all these while, and we will continually persevere … … …

Our Core Values

Supervised by tea-makers with abundant experience and knowledge.

It’s not the choice of the tea plantations to operate in a contractual basis.

It’s the tea-makers who have been in a contractual basis for several generations.

Premium tea is a beautiful gift from the collaboration of weather, soil and tea people. We are wondering that each mouthful of heart-warming premium tea is never easy to have.
In addition to the pleasant climate and the nurturing of the earth,
the list goes on to include the caretakers of the tea plantations that guard them day by day,
those that pluck the tea leaves in a state of urgency, the tea makers that fix the fresh green tea leaves day and night,
the tea roasters that focus and refine the tea further, … … …
It involves the strong mentality and hard work of many people in order to brew a teapot of premium tea.

Song Yi Tea is not just a century-old heritage of the secrets of tea-making,
but also a symbol of the sentimental values of which many generations of
tea people have been fighting together for decades.
Starting from the cultivation of tea, the making of fresh tea leaves,
seeking tea to refining tea – each process has been supervised by tea people
with abundant experience and knowledge.


"Other people have been saying that they are contracting with the tea plantations. We are actually contracting with 'people'!", the masters of the tea explorer said. "Contracting with the tea plantations, bad tea will also have to be collected. While contracting with people, they would know what kind of quality they want and then, we will collect the tea leaves."

These tea people are the pride of Song Yi and they are always the core values of Song Yi.
Furthermore, it is also the robust backing for the everlasting commitment of Song Yi to only sell premium tea.


Each tea-making procedure is treated with absolute whole-heartedness.

Song Yi has been persevering in each procedure. It should be said that each craftsman of Song Yi is very persistent such that more people can enjoy the real premium tea.

No Additives : never ever add fragrance essence.

Authenticity : 100% assurance of Taiwan Tea – never ever falsely declare the place of origin.

Natural Integration with Nature:Handpicked weeds, never ever use herbicides.

100% Safe to Drink : No remains of agricultural pesticides. Each batch of tea leaves is accredited with the testing authority – *random sample testing and passes through the pesticide testing of SGS 426 standards in strict compliance with the highest standards of the European Union (EU).

*Testing Unit : Agriculture Association, Agriculture Council, County Government, Tea Research and Extension Station.

Traditional and Classic Tea-making Procedures : Store the fixed young and fresh tea leaves for a period to allow moisture removal and post-fermentation. After which is the refining process bringing out the best flavor of high mountain oolong tea that exudes a refreshing note with mellow and sweet after-taste.

Unique Roasted Tea Series : The exclusive tea roasting technique is delicately polished after a long period of trial and error, abundant experiences and cumulative inheritance, successfully enabling the roasted high mountain oolong tea to emit a fully ripe fruity odor with multiple layers of fragrance that are both fascinating and intriguing.

Song Yi's afterthought : Comparing to the joy of selling tea, we are happier to witness the delighted smiles on our customers after sipping Song Yi’s premium tea.


Our Faith

Sipping tea together.
Drink the everlasting aroma of tea;
drink the human touch; drink the premium taste of life.
Yes, indeed. The tea-sipping moment is always enchanting.
When one drinks the tea slowly, the heart will leisurely settle into the surroundings;
When a group of good friends is enjoying the tea, their mouths immediately begin the daily exercises, chattering like a bird non-stop, notwithstanding the hearts that are filling with overflowing warmth;
When the family sips the tea, the atmosphere is instantly enlightened with stories in the past as well as a series of hilarious jokes.
Song Yi Tea is committed to the traditional way of making tea. Each tea-making procedure is treated with extra care and respect.
We do not package ourselves with sentimental stories. However, we depend on the real substance in our tea – the unforgettable, mellow, honey sweet fragrant taste in our throats.
We endeavor to awaken the beautiful moments in tea-sipping from the fond memories of each person and deliver the connecting bridge to pull people closer once again.
Regardless of old and new friends that are seeing each other frequently, not seen for a long time, or just the first encounter, It will always be sufficient to bring a pot of premium tea and drink it together. And the rest will leave it to the tea for fermentation.
For premium tea, just leave it to Song Yi – We will do the rest for you.